Fitbit’s Chinese rival Amazfit mulls a transparent, self-disinfecting mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a wave of Chinese companies with manufacturing operations to produce virus-fighting equipment: Shenzhen-based electric vehicle giant BYD quickly moved to launch what it claims to be the world’s largest mask plant; Hangzhou-based voice intelligence startup Rokid is making thermal imaging glasses targeted at the US market; and many more. […]

Oracle Cloud Preparing To Introduce Nvidia’s New A100s

Oracle is preparing to introduce Nvidia’s groundbreaking A100 Tensor Core GPUs to its cloud data centers by the end of summer. With the Redwood Shores, Calif.-headquartered company’s traditional emphasis on data and analytics, Oracle Cloud looks to stay at the forefront of enabling advanced number-crunching workloads. That means making available to customers the latest-and-greatest hardware, […]