Is Apple’s weird headset the future?

Every big, new Apple Product Launch follows a template, one the company pioneered and perfected with the iPhone and then the iPad. First, long-running rumors and speculation about a mystery device — a version of existing products made by competitors but presumably much better because Apple is making it — percolate among the Apple-obsessed tech […]

A green path to net zero carbon building

The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) has mad progress in the field of ecological building technology with the development of a new “Net Zero Carbon Building (NZCB) system.” This innovative system, designed to minimize both operating carbon and embodied carbon, holds the key to significantly reducing carbon emissions in the construction […]

Scientists Report Breakthrough With Very Low Cost Calcium Battery

Tohoku University researchers have recently developed a prototype calcium metal rechargeable battery capable of 500 cycles of repeated charge-discharge. Five hundred cycles is the benchmark for practical battery use. The breakthrough was made thanks to the development of a copper sulfide nanoparticle/carbon composite cathode and a hydride-based electrolyte. With the compulsive sales of electric vehicles […]

Long-duration energy storage: The time is now

How can U.S. states with aggressive decarbonization goals coupled with federal decarbonization goals have energy when they need it? Long-duration energy storage (LDES) is a likely candidate. LDES systems are large energy storage installations that can store renewable energy until needed and can provide a much-needed solution for a reliable and decarbonized grid. But planning […]

NVIDIA is upgrading the in-car experience with AI, streaming, and advanced safety features

NVIDIA revealed a new partnership Monday with Taiwanese semiconductor giant MediaTek to enhance the in-car driver experience and make your commute more enjoyable and safe. The partnership between two chip-making giants is designed to deliver an all-around smarter in-vehicle experience by fusing NVIDIA’s AI and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) technology with MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto Platform. […]