Scientists introduce new method for machine learning classifications in quantum computing

Quantum information scientists have introduced a new method for machine-learning classifications in quantum computing. The non-linear quantum kernels in a quantum binary classifier provide new insights for improving the accuracy of quantum machine learning, deemed able to outperform the current AI technology. The research team led by Professor June-Koo Kevin Rhee from the School of […]

Can AI convincingly answer existential questions?

A new study has explored whether AI can provide more attractive answers to humanity’s most profound questions than history’s most influential thinkers. Researchers from the University of New South Wales first fed a series of moral questions to Salesforce’s CTRL system, a text generator trained on millions of documents and websites, including all of Wikipedia. […]

Researchers use AI to highlight Zoom’s privacy risks

It’s relatively easy to extract personal information including face images, age, gender, and names from public screenshots of video meetings, according to Ben-Gurion University researchers. The coauthors of a newly published study say a combination of image processing, text recognition, and forensics enabled them to cross-reference Zoom data with social network data, demonstrating that meeting […]