Google ads push ‘virtualized’ malware made for antivirus evasion

An ongoing Google ads malvertising campaign is spreading malware installers that leverage KoiVM virtualization technology to evade detection when installing the Formbook data stealer. KoiVM is a plugin for the ConfuserEx .NET protector that obfuscates a program’s opcodes so that the virtual machine only understands them. Then, when launched, the virtual machine translates the opcodes […]

Microsoft Word gets ChatGPT integration with new ‘Ghostwriter’ third-party add-in

Microsoft says it plans to integrate OpenAI technologies throughout its product lineup, but one entrepreneur has already put ChatGPT into Microsoft Word, and he’s eyeing additional Microsoft Office products next. A new third-party add-in for Microsoft Word, called Ghostwriter, allows users to query OpenAI’s ChatGPT in a Word sidebar and watch content generated by the […]

The novel chemistry behind ultra-high power density batteries

Mohammad Asadi, assistant professor of chemical engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology, has published a paper in the journal Science describing the chemistry behind his novel lithium-air battery design. The insights will allow him to further optimize the battery design, with the potential for reaching ultra-high power densities far beyond current lithium-ion technology. The battery […]