Google will soon adopt Microsoft’s Chromium battery life improvement tricks

Microsoft has long touted longer battery life as an advantage of the Edge browser and when they adopted the Chromium rendering engine they submitted many of their tricks and techniques to the Chromium open-source project. Now it appears the improvements may actually be adopted, Google Chrome engineer, ‘Chrome Cunningham’ confirming that Google plans to implement […]

Lenovo is building another standalone VR headset

Lenovo hasn’t made the best bets in virtual reality so far, but it seems like the company’s about to try again — according to a new FCC filing for the “Lenovo VR3030S,” which company docs identify as an upcoming standalone VR headset. Standalone means that like Lenovo’s previous Mirage Solo or the Oculus Quest, it […]

Important changes are coming to Google Fi soon

If you’re already a Google Fi customer, then you know that the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) does not allow you to use Google Voice. Although Google Fi and Google Voice numbers on the same account aren’t possible when using the former’s services, the search giant is taking the first steps towards making both these […]