Android to grow at ‘twice the pace of iOS’ in 2024, IDC says

As the smartphone market changes, Android is reportedly set to grow significantly in 2024, at “twice the pace” of Apple’s iOS, apparently.

The iPhone has had a strong presence in the United States for a long time, but Apple has also seen significant growth in the global market in recent years. As a result, Android’s market share has shrunk, despite the OS still having the global majority.

According to the IDC, though, Android is set to grow considerably faster than iOS over the course of 2024.

Speaking to CNNIDC’s research director Nabila Popal says that Android will grow at “twice the pace of iOS” this year. Apple’s sales already dropped down 10% in Q1 2024, giving Samsung back the top slot, largely due to shrinking sales in China.

It’s also very significant that Samsung is back at the top. This year, we are expecting Android to grow at twice the pace of iOS.

Meanwhile, Apple is facing pressure in the United States as a lawsuit by the DOJ is fighting what it claims is a monopoly that Apple holds with the iPhone. The lawsuit takes issue with Apple’s anticompetitive practices with things such as messaging and the App Store, among others.