Elon Musk and Twitter face growing brand-safety concerns after execs depart

The sudden departure of Twitter executives tasked with content moderation and brand safety has left the company more vulnerable than ever to hate speech. On Thursday, Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, resigned from the company. Following Irwin’s departure, the company’s head of brand safety and ad quality, A.J. Brown, reportedly left, as did Maie Aiyed, […]

Blowout jobs report defies expectations in lift for Biden

The red-hot labor market is refusing to cool down, showing the remarkable resilience of President Joe Biden’s economy but also making the Federal Reserve’s battle to curb inflation that much harder. The U.S. economy added 339,000 jobs in May, blowing through Wall Street’s expectations that employment growth would slow as higher borrowing costs and tighter […]

Twitter’s trust and safety lead Ella Irwin resigns

Twitter’s head of trust and safety Ella Irwin has resigned, the now-former executive confirmed to Reuters on Thursday. Irwin took over for Yoel Roth, who famously left the company during the early days of Elon Musk’s chaotic Twitter takeover. While Roth clashed with Musk over the new Twitter owner’s hands-off approach to content moderation, Irwin […]

Measuring inflation can be tricky and quirky. Here are 3 examples

Assessing how fast prices are changing for consumers may sound straightforward. But that’s not always the case — measurement quirks in consumer price index categories such as housing, technology and health insurance mean inflation readings don’t always jibe with the actual prices people pay. The dynamic is important: It might influence policymakers to unnecessarily continue […]