Iraq Hopes to Expand Economic Relationship With the U.S.

Twenty-one years ago, the U.S. and its allies invaded Iraq in the erroneous belief that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction and was allied with al-Qaida, the terror group responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. created an occupation authority, but failed to restore order and helped spawn the insurgency that bedeviled it by […]

Jamie Dimon says he runs JPMorgan with a military tactic in mind named the ‘OODA loop’— and it prevents the ‘greatest mistakes’ in war and business

With over 240,000 staff under his watch and $32 trillion in assets a day to safeguard, it’s no wonder Jamie Dimon runs a tight ship at JPMorgan Chase. It’s perhaps why America’s biggest bank, which posted record profits for 2023, paid its CEO $36 million for his work last year, having navigated the business through the regional banking […]

Germany Follows NYC’s Lead with Debit Cards for Migrants

The Bundestag, Germany’s federal parliament, has passed legislation to introduce specialized debit cards for asylum seekers, with strict limits on how and where users will be able to spend the money. The plan closely mirrors a pilot program initiated in New York City earlier this year that provides migrants with prepaid debit cards. In Germany, these debit […]

How Design Is Shaping the Payment Card Industry

Right under our noses, payment card design has been making strong advances in aesthetic and usage terms. As card issuers fight for top-of-wallet positioning, they have been leveraging design features and formats that enable them to elevate their brand and differentiate their card programs. Features like personalization options and biometric sensors can make a strong impact […]

Google removing links to California news websites as part of test in response to pending legislation

Google will begin removing links to California news websites from search results for some Californians in response to a bill that would require online ad companies to pay a fee for connecting state residents to news sources. In a blog post on Friday announcing the “short-term test,” Jaffer Zaidi, Google’s vice president of global news partnership, said the […]

Ex-PayPal CEO Schulman joins Valor Capital

Former PayPal and American Express boss Dan Schulman is joining Valor Capital Group, the cross-border venture fund focused on bridging the US and Latin American technology markets. Schulman, who left PayPal last year after a nine-year stint as president and CEO, joins Valor as a managing partner. Announcing the move, Valor co-founder Scott Sobel describes […]