AARP releases annual list of ways to save money

While inflation continues to put the punch on our wallets, AARP has dropped its annual 99 “Great Ways to Save” list.

The list features new tips on everything from home improvement to car care, travel, groceries and more.

This is the 15th year the non-profit has released its list of tips.

You’ve probably heard not to grocery shop when you’re hungry, but apparently you shouldn’t shop for clothes when you’re hungry either.

A University of Minnesota study found hungry shoppers wanted 70% more products as they are more prone to impulse buys.

AARP also found that it’s better to wait until winter to take on home improvement projects since contractors are looking for work at that time so not only will they give you their attention, but you might also get some savings as a result.

They also offer suggestions on how to get the most out of your savings account and when to buy the cheapest tickets for Christmas travel.

Deputy Editor of the AARP Magazine David Brindley said, “You want to book your travel by early October. According to Google Data, flights are cheapest 71 days out from your departure date. So go ahead and mark your calendar now to make sure that you can lock in those savings for your holiday travel.”

Neighbors can even save money by working together and hiring the same gardener to come to their neighborhood and service several homes at one time, and they may give you a discount.