June’s Social Security calendar has an irregularity – Find out why and when you will get your Pension

The Social Security Administration pays a new retirement check each month to all beneficiaries in the United States. Knowing when we are going to get one of these payments is possible because the schedule of benefits is announced in advance. Therefore, this is a win-win situation for beneficiaries.

Knowing when Social Security money will be available to us can help us organize our monthly finances more efficiently. If we know that we will get the payment sooner, we can keep in mind that we will have the money sooner. Everything related to calendar irregularities is announced in advance.

And in the case of June we find a very clear irregularity. This irregularity is none other than the payment for group 3 retirees. This group usually gets a check on the third Wednesday of each month. But in June this will not be the case, since the third Wednesday of June will be Juneteenth, so it will be a holiday throughout the United States.

When will I get my June 19th Social Security payment?

As previously mentioned, the June 19th payment cannot be sent on this day because it is a holiday. Also, it is one of the most important holidays for the entire United States, so the Social Security Administration does not work on this day. But there is nothing to worry about, as Group 3 retirees will get their check without any problems.

In order to mark on our calendar the exact day of the collection, we will only have to move a little bit. The day on which we will get this check will be June 18th. In other words, the Administration will send the payment for group 3 on the Tuesday before the holiday. Thus, those Americans who have activated Direct Deposit as a collection method will have the opportunity to get the payment even earlier than usual.

In short, if your benefit has been accepted since after May 1997 and your birthday is between the 11th and 20th of any month, this check will be for you. The payment will arrive on June 18th itself or a few days later depending on the collection method you have chosen.

As for the amount, remember that each beneficiary gets a different benefit. Whether we get a check for $4,873 or a check for $1,500 we will get payment on that day anyway. Also, all types of benefits, whether Disability, Age Retirement or other will be sent by Social Security on that particular day.