Here’s what’s on the menu at McDonald’s new CosMc’s spinoff restaurant

McDonald’s is promising that the menu at its new CosMc’s restaurant will be out of this world.

The fast food giant, which this week announced that the spinoff brand would be opening its first location in Bolingbrook, Illinois, has revealed the full roster of menu items for the concept.

McDonald’s calls CosMc’s a “beverage concept,” with a menu designed to cater to what customers looking for an afternoon pick-me-up.

That means there’s no Big Mac or french fries to be found at CosMc’s. Instead, the restaurant will serve a large array of beverages and treats “with bold and unexpected flavor combinations, vibrant colors and functional boosts.”

The drink menu will feature dozens of new beverages, including lattes, slushes and teas unavailable on the regular McCafe menu.

For drinks like the Island Pick-Me-Up Punch — a berry lemonade with dried strawberries — customers will be able to add “boosts” to their drink such as an energy shot or vitamin C shot.

Coffee options like the S’Mores Cold Brew are topped with toffee sprinkles and can be spiced up with a variety of syrups as well as an espresso shot.

McDonald’s famous vanilla ice cream cone is on the menu, joined by a chocolate cone and a twist option. The hot fudge sundae comes in a blueberry lemon cookie variety, and there’s also a caramel fudge brownie sundae.

CosMc’s will sell six-piece pretzel bites, as well as McPops, mini donuts that come with cookie butter, apple cinnamon and hazelnut filling.

For customers with more of an appetite, new offerings include the spicy queso sandwich and the creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich. CosMc’s will also offer an assortment of classic McMuffin sandwiches.

You can see the full CosMc’s menu here.

The 10 CosMc’s locations that will open through the end of 2024 will be smaller than full-fledged McDonald’s, with some featuring multiple drive-thru lanes. They will be primarily located across the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas.

Whether or not CosMc’s is a success remains to be seen, but CNBC reports that CosMc’s could expand if it’s a hit.

“It’s not worth our time to develop an idea that will only work in one market,” CEO Chris Kempczinski said.