The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is down to its lowest price again this Black Friday

Foldables may be the star of this year’s Samsung lineup, but if you prefer a good old slab of glass for a flagship that doesn’t flex or bend, the Galaxy S21 Ultra might be better suited for you. And during this Black Friday, it’s down to its lowest price again on Amazon, $899 — that’s $300 off.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung’s 2021 flagship phone. It’s the device with the best hardware and all of the latest camera tech, and it shows. The Ultra is still one of the fastest handsets on the market despite being released at the beginning of the year. Software-wise, Samsung promises three years of software updates, making it second only to Google phones. Like the rest of the S21 series, it has this unique camera array that smoothly wraps around the edges, complete with an impressive 10x optical zoom lens that’s missing from its S21 peers. In our Galaxy S21 Ultra review, we’ve only ever found smaller issues with the phone, like its ginormous and thus unwieldly size and the speakers that do get loud but prone to grating.

Samsung already discounted the Galaxy S21 Ultra to $999 ahead of Black Friday on its own website, but this new Amazon deal shaves another $100 off. The Galaxy S21 Ultra was previously available at this $899 price a few months ago, so if you didn’t have the chance to grab it back then, this is your next best opportunity.