For Mass Audiences Flocking To Popular Live Streaming Platforms, Crypto Mining Adds a Whole New Dimension

One of the biggest shifts of the last two years is how we consume our entertainment—in particular, the massive boom in live video streaming and social media participation.

Set against this backdrop, we’ve identified an emerging company that’s managed to not only set record growth in revenue but paired it with the very popular crypto mining opportunity. We’re convinced that’s a home run formula being forwarded by Hello Pal International.

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Company Name: Hello Pal International Inc.
Trading Symbols: CSE: HPOTC: HLLPF

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While Hello Pal might first appear as a simple social media platform, don’t underestimate this language-learning platform or its cryptocurrency mining programs. Even in its infancy, Hello Pal was impressive. Now, as the company matures, it’s moving into new markets and readying for even more explosive growth.

Hello Pal is a software built on social interaction, language learning, and travel. The platform allows people to talk to others seamlessly around the world in their native languages. Its success comes from the ease of use and the incredible interest in live video streaming, social media participation, and now cryptocurrency mining.

In 2021, the platform has made incredible strides. First, though, a little background about where the company started in order to understand where it’s going.

Live Streaming – A Social Media Monster

Live-streaming audience numbers have EXPLODED, growing a full 45% between March and April, and were up 99% year over year.[1] Millions of new content creators have turned to livestreaming to earn a living during Covid-19, incentivized to join the gig economy. [2]

Hello Pal International Inc. (OTC: HLLPF / CSE:HP) is Hitting its Stride Within Global Livestreaming Boom, and Growing its Monthly Revenues at a Record Pace.

Live-streaming is a market exploding at a CAGR of 28.1%, and is expected to reach US$247 billion by 2027.[3]

Tech giants from around the world are fully aware of how high the stakes of live streaming dominance are—and it’s turning into an all-out war.

However, YouTube and other major western video platforms are unavailable in China,[4]where more than 900 million people use the internet.[5]

From our research, few companies appear as well-positioned as up-and-comer Hello Pal, which in a very short period since launching garnered 5.4 million users from 200 countries and regions (INCLUDING CHINA). We can’t help but notice their robust Livestreaming growth, increasing monthly receipts 25x from $100,000 CAD in November 2019 to $3 Million CAD by August 2021.[6]

Hello Pal is a proprietary suite of mobile applications built on a user-friendly messaging interface that focuses on social interaction, language learning, and travel.[8]

The company is moving forward with new technologies, such as Livestream, to enhance the 5G revolution experience. What’s key is making connections and engaging – two things that Hello Pal is perfectly suited for.

The Crypto Factor: Driving Growth

In 2020 alone, Hello Pal’s revenue grew a whopping 900%![7]It didn’t stop there. In August 2021, the company set a record $3 million monthly revenue, all related to its livestreaming services and cryptocurrency mining operations. [14]  Between Jan. 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021, the company’s total revenue hit $15,401,123 CAD. Cryptomining represented much of that growth.

Cryptomining is only going to become more important. And Hello Pal’s cryptomining service offers users significant advantages over other platforms. [15] SOURCE:

Hello Pal users can mine Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Litecoin (LTC) without securing their own miners, without complicated hardware and software, without expensive electrical bills, and with minimal maintenance. Hello Pal offers all the rewards of cryptomining with none of the hassles.

So how is this possible? One key difference between Hello Pal and other platforms is Hello Pal users are not renting cloud computing power. This is not cloud mining. Instead, each Hello Pal user purchases a specific miner. Then, users can clearly see their miner during daily livestreams. Better yet, they see their cryptocurrency add up inside a cryptowallet through Hello Pal.

Users need to act now, though, if they want to be among the first to enjoy the benefits of cryptomining through Hello Pal. The company is nearing the end of the beta testing process and getting ready to launch the service.

While that’s happening, another arm of the company is growing too as Hello Pal moves into the adult language learning market.

Hello Pal partnered with Little Pal Asia Limited (LPA) to use the LPA’s innovative “Infinity Language” system throughout the Hello Pal’s platform. Most importantly, the new offering will be available on the Language Pal app. What this means is the LPA will adapt its proven learning system for the adult market.

Even before cryptocurrency and its other expansions, Hello Pal International Inc. (OTC: HLLPF / CSE:HP) was a global social media company successfully monetizing its user base without paid advertising.

Coverage from analysts, Fundamental Research Corp., puts HP share price at $35.40 CDN!

See the valuation snapshot.

Hello Pal’s Impressive Growth

U.S.-listed quality Chinese tech companies are now all spiking as China’s tech sector skyrockets.

Hello Pal’s Impressive Livestreaming Growth

Hello Pal International has experienced robust growth of its Live-streaming, rocketing monthly receipts from $100,000 CAD in November 2019 to $3 Million CAD in August 2021. Importantly, Hello Pal is successfully monetizing its user base without paid advertising.

It very quickly hit the coveted 5 million user mark, which is seen as an industry-standard benchmark of success.

Mirroring Trends Seen from Another Livestreaming Platform Giant

By comparison, up and comer Hello Pal is starting to look a lot like the platforms spawned by giant players like JOYY Inc. (formerly YY Inc.).

For those unfamiliar with that $5.6 billion company, JOYY Inc. operates live streaming platforms, including YY Live and Bigo Live.

In Q1 2021, JOYY’s revenue grew 88.1% year-over-year to $643 million. Meanwhile, BIGO accounted for $581 million, growing 92.5% on-year revenue growth—as its paying users grew by 72.1% to 1.67 million.[9]

Using the same approach being incorporated by Hello Pal for Livestreaming, Bigo Live grew to 400 million registered users in just 4 years since its launch.

JOYY Inc. is one of the fastest-growing companies in its space that continues to expand into dozens of countries, especially in Southeast Asia. So, while JOYY Inc. and the giants are blazing a path, juniors like Hello Pal are taking advantage by catching the tailwind.

The Growing Social Media Phenomenon: Livestreaming

As heralded in a 2019 article from the South China Morning Post, livestreaming has made incredible gains in popularity in recent years. Sales revenue in China’s livestreaming market grew by 180% in 2016 and was worth $3 billion in US dollars. In 2017 alone, one company reporting selling goods worth $4.4 million in US dollars.[10]

The 2021 numbers are even more impressive. By the end of this calendar year, experts expect the livestreaming market in China will be worth about $300 billion in US dollars. [16]

Unlike the US where Twitch is very popular, game streaming only makes up 20% of China’s $5 billion live streaming market. The remaining 80% comes from IRL (in real life) streamers.

Live streaming, as the name suggests, provides live video streams that can be viewed in real-time online, most by mobile devices according to the latest stats. The Live Streaming phenomenon has exploded in China where there are 660 million viewers seeking content on an average day.

The streams are mostly monetized by subscribers who offer hosts gifts (virtual items, like jewels or kisses, all the way up to a virtual yacht). These are purchased using actual money online through token systems. Many of the streams are also supported by advertising, and most recently, streamers have been introducing direct sales of products in a kind home shopping network format where they offer a product directly to viewers and earn a cut of the take.  

Here’s Why Hello Pal Delivers

Hello Pal International Inc. (OTC: HLLPF / CSE:HP) is a proprietary suite of mobile applications built on a user-friendly messaging platform. While that might sound like a broad brush, what Hello Pal promises to do is help individuals make friends all over the world and generate real engagement – one of the key analytics for all social platforms.

The app translates what you want to say and helps you understand the text of your new friends. You can communicate through text messages, audio messages, and livestream videos. Users can access 30 phrase books with 2,000 readymade, commonly used phrases to help send messages and understand the replies from new friends. The Hello Pal translation engine allows real-time language translations within the chats, enabling people to talk to each other no matter what language they speak.

Languages already available include English (US), Mandarin Chinese, Spanish (Spain), French, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese (Brazil), Thai and Arabic.[11]

Five million people are chatting through the app to learn the language of their new friends, making Hello Pal both entertaining and educational. It has the advantage of coming at a unique point in history when schools are dropping foreign language curriculums, but experts are emphasizing the importance of fluency in multiple languages.

Gaining language is just the beginning for Hello Pal. A massive factor driving Hello Pal’s shift into high gear is the addition of livestreaming. Their Livestreaming service is comparable in user experience and quality to the large livestreaming companies such as Twitch, KK, TicTok and Huya.

A Strategic Alliance with Melot Group and KK

Hello Pal has joined forces with the successful Melot Group in China. Melot Group is the owner and operator of the highly popular KK Livestream that enjoys over 170 million subscribers and more than 200,000 live stream hosts. Estimated revenues for Melot were $131 million in 2019.[12]

Shortly after partnering with Melot Group, Hello Pal International moved its operations into the KK headquarters in Hangzhou, China in order to take advantage of shared resources. KK has some 1500 employees and locations in eight global cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mumbai, and Islamabad.

This strategic consolidation of offices is aimed at reducing operational costs and provide whole new efficiencies for Hello Pal.

New Features = Added Revenue Potential

Since its inception, Hello Pal has been constantly working to increase its user engagement and experience to grow revenue potential. One of the features just added to the Hello Pal app is their ‘moments’, which are comparable to popular features in other apps such as WeChat and Instagram.

Moments allow people to share ‘moments’ of their lives in the form of pictures, short videos, audio and text, with other users on the platform. Moments postings are categorized by location, language and category type to allow for greater interaction. So, for instance, a ‘foodie’ in Seattle, can easily see what Korean food looks like, simply by filtering by location (“Korea”) and Category type (“Food and Drinks”).

Moments is an important part of Hello Pal’s monetization strategy, allowing increased opportunities for targeted sponsored posts.

Focus Company

Hello Pal International Inc.

Analyst coverage: Fundamental Research Corp.

Here’s what Fundamental Research Corp. thinks of Hello Pal.

Heavy Insider Buying

Fundamental Research Corp. evaluation puts Hello Pal share price at CA$35.40

Fundamental Research Corp. forecasts Hello Pal revenue to reach CA$62.878 million in 2023

Read the complete report here:

All of these factors play in Hello Pal’s interesting strategy. Taken in context with its Livestreaming platform, Language Learning and now Crypto Mining, Hello Pal is a truly unique application suite.

As apps go, those that are most successful provide something that is of real use to a broad audience with proven revenue streams. So, while there is plenty of room to grow, it appears that Hello Pal is well on its way in this dynamic, emerging space.

Hello Pal International Inc. (OTC: HLLPF / CSE:HP) deserves your attention right now… To recap why we think this is a breakout company with exceptional potential:

  • People are eager to download and use the Hello pal app. With only minimal marketing, Hello Pal has passed 5,400,000 users – the industry benchmark for success.
  • Hello Pal is getting 5,000 to 6,000 new signups daily.
  • Hello Pal has increased Livestreaming receipts from $100k to $2.1 million per month in just over a year without the need for paid advertising.
  • Hello Pal has formed a strategic relationship with social media powerhouse Merlot (KK), a large, successful livestreaming company in China, where livestreaming is wildly popular and positions Hello Pal alongside giants like Tencent and JOYY Inc.
  • Hello Pal has entered the very attractive crypto mining space with a unique offering that’s driving growth.

Bottom Line

Hello Pal had 900% revenue growth in 2020 and then reached record-setting revenue with a year, hitting $3 million in monthly revenues for August 2021.

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