IRS to send out notices to non-filers who may be eligible for money

If you aren’t accustomed to filing your taxes, you might still be eligible for an Economic Impact Payment.

“Later this month, the IRS is going to send very simple letters to about 9 million Americans who typically don’t file a federal income tax return,” said spokesperson Michael Devine. “They may be eligible to claim an Economic Impact Payment. They haven’t registered with the IRS because they haven’t filed a tax return. These letters are being sent to people who didn’t file for 2018 or 2019 and because of their low incomes based on information we have from forms, W-2s and 1099s, they don’t have a requirement to file.”

Let’s be clear, this communication, like all official communications with the IRS will start in the actual mail, not on email or by phone.

“To make sure that everybody that may be eligible gets a chance to get this Economic Impact Payment, the IRS is sending a notice,” Devine said. “It’s a letter, Notice 1444-A. It’s written in both English and Spanish. It’s very simple. It explains who is eligible for an EIP and how to claim one of those.”

The letters will go out starting around September 24 and people have until October 15 to register with the IRS online at

“They can use the non-filer tool to just put in the information that they need to tell the IRS who they are and how to send them that payment, if they are eligible,” Devine said. “It’s really pretty simple and there is a phone number on the notice, but everyone needs to remember this is a letter coming in the mail. No one from the IRS will call you about it. No one will email you about it.”

The IRS knows where to send these notices because of information provided to it by employers as part of the employer tax filing process.