Synopsis: How Defects Alter Graphene Nanoribbons

Nanotransistors, nanosensors, and medical nanorobots are just a few of the futuristic devices that will require electrical wires engineered to molecular precision. Graphene nanoribbons are a leading candidate to take on that role. These narrow strips of graphene, with widths of less than 50 nm, inherit all the electromechanical advantages of graphene but also have […]

Fast photon source lights up quantum technologies

Researchers at the University of Sheffield in the UK have built a nanoscale chip that can emit rapid pulses of single, mostly indistinguishable photons. The research team, led by Feng Liu, exploited the physics behind the Purcell effect to design the system, helping them to reduce losses and achieve increased photon production rates. Physicists have […]

How one medical group uses AI, machine learning to improve value-based care

While many hospitals and medical groups are exploring artificial and machine learning, Hill Physicians Medical Group in San Ramon, California, has already reaped noteworthy results using the technologies to advance value-based care work. “The efficiencies we’ve gained have allowed us to increase the number of charts collected by more than 200 percent,” said Jennifer Pereur, […]

Ytterbium: The quantum memory of tomorrow

Quantum communication and cryptography are the future of high-security communication. But many challenges lie ahead before a worldwide quantum network can be set up, including propagating the quantum signal over long distances. One of the major challenges is to create memories with the capacity to store quantum information carried by light. Researchers at the University […]

Surprising similarity between stripy black holes and high-temperature superconductors

Scientists don’t understand how some materials become superconducting at relatively high temperatures. Leiden physicists have now found a surprising connection with auxiliary black holes. It enables researchers to apply knowledge of black holes to the mystery of high-temperature superconductivity. The new study is published in Nature Physics. Superconductivity, discovered in Leiden in 1911, is exploited […]