Today’s stock market looks like March 2009, before the longest bull run in history, says Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson

As investors navigate the coronavirus recession, the financial crisis a decade ago looms large in their collective memory, with pessimists arguing that the resulting bear market took 18 months to hit its lowest point and optimists countering that swift and decisive action from the Federal Reserve and Congress this time around has saved the stock […]

Add Howard Marks to the list of notable investors who believe the market comeback has gone too far

Billionaire investor Howard Marks joined a growing chorus of notable investors in warning that the market rebound has gone too far given the uphill battle of developing a cure for Covid-19 and its economic impact in the meanwhile. Specifically, Marks believes that markets will eventually face more turbulence once the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented, but nonetheless […]

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets are shaping up as viable rivals to Hong Kong in the race for the biotech IPO crown

Shanghai and Shenzhen are shaping up as viable destinations for biotech researchers to raise capital, after they drafted or enacted new rules that match Hong Kong’s overture to pre-revenue pharmaceutical and health care start-ups, bankers said. Last year, Shanghai’s financial regulators allowed drug developers that have yet to earn a revenue or profit to raise […]

Here’s what’s driving stocks higher despite mounting economic worries: Kevin O’Leary

Unprecedented demand for stocks. That’s one major piece to the puzzle that is the current relationship between the U.S. stock market and the underlying economy, O’Shares ETFs Chairman and “Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary told CNBC’s “ETF Edge” this week. “Institutional demand for equities is unprecedented given there’s very few choices,” O’Leary said in a […]

Get Ready For A Stock Market Battle

Here we go again, leaving the safety and comfort of an earnings season. In this time of coronavirus, that means we’re back to ducking and diving through no-man’s land, as wild guesses, contrived visions and volatile emotions confront us. Then, at the end of that two-month gauntlet, we face an endurance run through the second-quarter […]