How to Start Investing in 2024

5-Step guide to investing for beginners Rent, utility bills, debt payments and groceries might seem like all you can afford when you’re just starting out, much less during inflationary times when your paycheck buys less bread, gas or home than it used to. But once you’ve wrangled budgeting for those monthly expenses (and set aside […]

401(k) millionaire ranks grew 11.5% in 2023. They are ‘poster children for staying the course,’ expert says

In a year that defied most economists’ expectations, retirement savers reaped the benefits. Retirement account balances, which took a sharp nosedive in 2022 due to market volatility, have now started to bounce back, according to the latest data from Fidelity Investments, the nation’s largest provider of 401(k) savings plans. The financial services firm handles more […]

10 Financial Habits Keeping You Poor

Financial habits are pivotal in shaping your financial well-being in today’s economic environment. Certain habits can inadvertently lead to a cycle of poverty, keeping people from achieving their financial goals. From the pitfalls of inadequate budgeting to the dangers of excessive debt, these patterns often go unnoticed but profoundly impact your financial health. This article […]

46% of retirees have no plan if retirement savings run out, nearly quarter of Gen Z doesn’t expect to retire

Many retirees are struggling to make ends meet during retirement. About 66% of current retirees say the U.S. is facing a retirement crisis, a Clever study reported. This crisis is largely due to a lack of funds for retirement. Nearly 40% of respondents to Clever’s survey are seriously concerned they’ll outlive their retirement savings. Many […]

The Average American Age 65 and Older Has $232,710 Invested in a 401(k). 3 Strategies to Help You Beat the Average Before You Retire

Beating the average doesn’t have to be difficult. A 401(k) can be one of your best options for retirement savings. With its high contribution limit, tax advantages, and potential for a company match, it could be your biggest source of savings once you retire. But the average person had just $232,710 invested in a 401(k) […]