Want to Save More? Tap Some Funds Early? Here Are 3 Retirement Savings Tricks.

Retirement savings accounts are governed by well-known rules on everything from income eligibility to contribution levels to the timing and size of withdrawals. But there are a number of financial-planning opportunities these accounts offer that often get overlooked because holders worry about taxes and penalties. While savers should be cautious about provisions that allow them […]

How To Generate $100,000 Of Retirement Income, Without Selling Your Principal

You’ve worked hard. You’ve built a retirement savings balance of $1 million. You’re ready to retire. And you want $100,000 a year of retirement income, including your Social Security benefit. Is that possible without taking on excessive risk? High-yield investments can be volatile. Many higher yielding securities face higher risk of default. But many leading financial advisors say […]

Retirement Balances Hit Records, So Do Ranks Of Fidelity 401(k) And IRA Millionaires

Millions of Americans’ retirement savings hit record balances by the end of the fourth quarter of 2020. Likewise, the number of IRA millionaires and 401(k) millionaires also set record highs. Envious? A Fidelity Investments expert offers retirement planning tips for how you can boost your savings too. First, feast your eyes on the results. The […]