Walmart tightens its opioid prescription policies

Walmart is making its opioid policy more strict, limiting the duration of such prescriptions and requiring that they be filled electronically. The company announced on Monday that within 60 days, it will only fill first-time acute opioid prescriptions for seven days or less nationwide, and it will limit the dosage to 50 morphine milligram equivalents, […]

Ancient cracks give glimpse into Mars’ past

Cracks in Mars’ Gale Crater — which was filled with various lakes some 3.5 billion years ago — could reveal new clues about the planet’s ancient climate. Early last year astronomers found evidence of what they believed to be desiccation cracks inside the crater, a finding they hoped could help give insight into how much […]

Under Pressure, Tronc Recognizes ‘Chicago Tribune’ Union

The troubled Tronc media company agreed Sunday evening to recognize unions to represent journalists in negotiations at its Chicago-area publications, including its iconic Chicago Tribune, heading off a looming confrontation involving federal regulators, NPR has learned. It is a notable reversal for Tronc, historically known in various corporate iterations for its hostility to organized labor. […]

Eight things to expect at Google I/O 2018

For a company as big and sprawling as Google, an annual developer conference can feel overwhelming. And, frankly, it is. Google offers a dizzying number of services and dabbles in almost every consumer tech industry under the sun, not to mention the 7 billion-plus user core internet products it owns and operates. But the company […]