Google app ‘Grasshopper’ offers games to help you learn to code

Smartphone owners who want to learn how to code can learn the fundamentals with Google’s new app, “Grasshopper,” which launched Wednesday. The app is Codeacademy meets DuoLingo. Users learn JavaScript coding basics by playing quick games and puzzles, moving through progressively more challenging levels as they develop their abilities and collecting achievements as they learn […]

Last call on Amazon Echo discounts, sales on smart TVs and a Verge exclusive deal

Between robotic vacuums, voice-activated light switches and virtual assistants, the smart home tech business is booming. As smart home devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, a hub from which to control your various gadgets is a good idea. We liked Amazon’s Echo, the device that introduced Alexa, back when it was introduced in 2015 and many improvements […]