Why the FCC chair says social networks are the real threat to the free internet

The Federal Communications Commission chairman who wants to hit the Delete key on the FCC’s current net-neutrality rules has one thing to say to his critics: Why the long face? FCC chair Ajit Pai made his case for repealing the open-Internet rules championed by his Democratic predecessor Tom Wheeler at an event in Washington hosted by two free-market-minded groups, the R Street Institute and Lincoln Network. […]

Size Matters With Smart Beta

The size factor is widely cited as one of the primary reasons why some smart beta strategies offer out-performance potential over traditional cap-weighted indexes. However, simply allocating larger portions of an equity portfolio to small-caps over large-caps is not always a winning strategy. While smaller stocks may outperform their large counterparts over the long-term, small-caps are historically more volatile […]

Elon Musk: In a few years, robots will move so fast you’ll need a ‘strobe light’ to see them

Tech executive and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk took to Twitter Sunday night to say the future potential of robots will be surprising and potentially scary, so lawmakers need to regulate artificial intelligence. In response to a twitter post of a humanoid robot made by Boston Robotics jumping up on raised surfaces with the caption, “we […]

Maybe you shouldn’t catch ’em all — A new study links ‘Pokémon Go’ to traffic deaths, injuries, and vehicle damage

A new study from Purdue University indicates that in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, “Pokémon Go” may have led to two deaths, 31 injuries, and nearly $500,000 in vehicle damage. The study tracked the frequency of traffic accidents that occurred within the vicinity of PokéStops during the months before and after the game’s release. The researchers estimated […]

Nvidia Scores Key Artificial Intelligence Deal With GE’s Healthcare Division

Nvidia continues to rack up big wins for its advanced computing technologies. The newest one comes with General Electric’s healthcare division. The two companies issued a joint press release on Sunday revealing Nvidia’s processors will be used in GE Healthcare’s 500,000 imaging devices globally. GE says the partnership will help drive lower radiation doses for patients, […]