Mobile games booming as global games market hits $108.9B in 2017

The latest quarterly update for the Global Games Market Report forecasts that the global games business will grow to $108.9 billion this year, with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) generating a lion’s share of the revenue. Newzoo called mobile the “most lucrative segment” while noting that it should grow 19% year-on-year to $46.1 billion, which would represent […]

Cypress CEO seeks to rise from ashes of fight with predecessor

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. A Programmable System-on-Chip from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. A few months after a bruising battle with its founder and longtime chief executive, Cypress Semiconductor Corp.’s current CEO, Hassane El-Khoury, is finding coherence in the renovated yet battle-scarred company that remains. El-Khoury, formerly a top executive in the automotive division at Cypress CY, +0.13%became CEO of the […]

Why you might trade your wired internet connection for your phone

You could kill your wired internet connection for your phone’s wireless connection. (Reuters) More Even with recent improvements, competition remains weak in wired broadband — for many Americans, it’s the local cable company or slow, phone-line-based DSL. But if you need mobile broadband for a smartphone or tablet, you’re blessed with four nationwide carriersyearning to earn your […]

Galaxy Note 8 preview: Samsung’s big bet

It’s been just about a year since Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 exploded onto the market with its red-hot features and smoking design. And if it weren’t for the phone’s propensity for blowing up in people’s pockets and while charging on their nightstands, the Note 7 would have been one of the best handsets around. Despite that setback, Samsung is […]