Cobalt and Lithium Markets Projected to Grow Due to the Demand of Batteries

The mining industry is very diverse and in recent years, technological advancements have raised demand for certain minerals like Lithium, which is now widely used in researchable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are an efficient source of energy for rechargeable storage devices, capable of expanding battery durability, and are leading to an increasing power source for consumer electronics […]

How Trump’s FCC chair could limit your media choices

Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai is adding yet another item to his to-do list. On top of cancelling broadband-privacy and net-neutrality rules, boosting rural broadband and battling robocalls, he wants to make media mergers easier. In a post on the FCC’s site, Pai described this latest ambition as “modernizing our media ownership rules to reflect the marketplace of the present, […]

Roku, Snap, Sogou: 3 Different IPOs, One Investing Strategy

Roku (ROKU), Snapchat parent Snap (SNAP) and Sogou (SOGO) are all 2017 IPOs, but with different chart action. Roku skyrocketed 70% last week on its first-ever quarterly report since coming public. Snap crashed on yet another disappointing quarter as it struggles vs. much-larger Facebook (FB). Sogou, a Chinese search engine from Sohu (SOHU), had a solid first two days after pricing at the high […]