Social security scam gets more threatening

There are new developments in a menacing social security scam. In our Consumer First Alerts we’ve been updating you on how this has grown to the most popular phone scam over the last year.

Just when you thought the calls were enough, there’s a twist in the social security phone scam.

Reports are coming into the Social Security Administration that scammers are following up their threatening calls with emails trying to offer more proof it’s real.

Victims said they got emails with attached letters and reports that appear to be from the Social Security Administration, even using what looks like official letterhead. The calls pretend to be government employees claiming there’s a problem with your social security number, account or benefits. They may threaten legal action or to suspend benefits, and often demand some sort of payment, with gift cards or Bitcoin.

Police in New Jersey, posted on Facebook, a warning about the social security scam after they say a man lost $18,000 paying in the internet currency, Bitcoin, and Target gift cards to someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration.

The Social Security Administration wants people to know about these changing methods scammers are using, no matter what proof they seem to offer, don’t believe it. They urge you, as we do in our consumer reports, to share this information with your family so they don’t get scammed.